About us

With so many job websites literally promoting themselves as a ‘Jack of all trades’, we felt it was high time a serious approach was taken to bringing property professionals together in one, specialised placed. Propertycareers.com provides a fresh and easy-to-navigate user experience that enables employers to quickly find candidates who are serious about pursuing a career in the property industry, and ensures that they don’t see their acquisition costs spiral out of control.

At the same time, professionals looking to advance their career are able to appeal directly to a highly targeted marketplace and save huge amounts of time by ensuring they deal directly with the companies that matter. This meeting of the right minds ensures that each party can guarantee that no time is wasted in attaining what they need to achieve success, and both parties get exactly what they want.

Employers find the best people

  • Search CVs and contact candidates direct
  • Highly targeted advertising of vacancies
  • Low acquisition costs
  • No more sifting through nonsensical CVs
  • Exceptional and easy to use website
  • Instant access to the most talented industry professionals

Finally, employers have a low-cost, ultra-efficient way of appealing directly to the people that can add value to their company.

Candidates find the best opportunities

  • Access to the biggest names in the industry
  • Get the latest vacancies sent to your inbox
  • Upload your CV and get employers approaching you direct
  • Job vacancies available in every sector of property
  • Mobile and tablet friendly – find jobs on the go
  • Advice and tips for career advancement

The only jobsite candidates will ever need to ensure an easy, fast and simple way of pursuing the career they’re passionate about.

Whether you’re looking for a job or a place to advertise a vacancy, sign up today and lose the hassle you’ve had to endure up until now.